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Refinishing the Garden Hoop House

If you ever want to find out what the Broomfield Crescent Grange Community Garden is all about, join us for one of our work days. While we each visit the garden weekly to tend the soil and plants, it is when we come together as a group that we are most able to feel the energy created in this space. 

Today, our group assembled to tend to our tattered hoop house. All throughout the cold season and the worst of the storms, our hoop house is a direct target of the wind that comes barreling across the property. While the original frame remains sturdy, the plastic which allows the sun to nurture our tender plants has been ripped and torn by the wind.

Thanks to the Broomfield CASHH (Community Action Supporting Helping Hands) Grant, a fund created to fuel community-driven neighborhood improvement projects, we were able to finance the needed repairs to our hoop house. Nearly 20 friends of our community garden assembled to tend to various projects made possible thanks to the CASHH Grant. Despite the challenging wind and heat, our hoop house was fitted with new plastic, our shed has new shelving, our rain barrel was readied for installation, the paths reinforced, and weeds pulled.

“Everyone brought tools and supplies and dove right in. It felt great to join my neighbors and community in repairing the hoop house. Staples flew, children frolicked, and doors were repaired!” – Heidi, volunteer

“Such great company! I had an easy, fun time working with new people an dlearning more about community gardening. There are lots of fun classes, too.” – Nico, volunteer

As each of us left the Grange after our work day, we couldn’t help but look over our shoulders and smile at the progress we made. Everyone knows that you grow produce in a garden. Perhaps lesser known is that it is also the place where seeds of real community are sown. 

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