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Grange Projects

The Crescent Grange was built in 1916. A lot has changed since then, and to remain a viable community hub and special event facility, we need to catch up to 21st century needs. In the past few months we have had a new roof installed, new front doors, added a mailbox, added trash service, professional cleaning services, and built a corral for the trash cans. We intend to keep upgrading and repairing to make the Crescent Grange a viable choice for your next event. 

Here is a list of some of the projects the Crescent Grange will undertake over the next two years. 

The ADA Bathroom will be built on the first floor of the building. Currently we have two bathrooms in the basement, but not everyone can handle the stone stairs. And the stairs make it impossible for our friends and relatives who require wheelchair accessibility. This is our number one priority, to make the building and the bathrooms ADA Accessible. 

How fun would it be to Livestream your event from the Crescent Grange? With the normal expectation of Internet Accessibility whenever we are at an event, it’s time to bring that amenity to the Grange. This will also give us the possibility to connect a smart thermostat via the internet, so we can have the temperature of the facility just right before you step into the building. It will also give the chance to set up Ring Security cameras for your protection and peace of mind. 

The main room upstairs has wonderful lights from the 1960’s. But the out of date ballasts make them use much more energy than they should. Because we love the aesthetic of the lights, we will be getting them rewired. The new wiring will allow the lights to take up less electricity, becoming more reliable, lowering the energy consumption, and decreasing our carbon impact. 

Colorado weather and normal use of the Crescent Grange takes a toll over the years. We now have a volunteer with knowledge and experience in restoration of historic buildings. The building was built in 1916 and needs a little love. A solid refresh on the exterior, and touching up on the interior. The interior Foyer will be the first part of the project. To go from a dark blue to a much lighter blue (similar to the interior main room). 

Both the parking lot and the back patio will be getting lighting. We’ll be installing motion sensor lighting, so no one has to walk to their car in the dark at night. 

We already have the duct work for the furnaces, so going from a furnace to central air is just a matter of cost. The updated central air will give us heat in the winter and cool air in the summer. This will allow much more comfort, especially with the larger indoor events.

Did you know that the Crescent Grange used to have pancake breakfasts? We would like to bring that back. Hosting breakfasts that bring the community together once a month. Holding events that have use of a full kitchen opens up so many possibilities in the community. 

There are more projects, but we wanted to let you know how we will be improving the Crescent Grange to be a go-to for your next event.