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About the Crescent Grange

What Is a Grange?

The Grange, which is officially referred to as the Patrons of Husbandry, is a 145-year old fraternal organization with its roots in agriculture.  Founded after the Civil War in 1867, the Grange is the oldest American agricultural advocacy group with a national scope. Major accomplishments credited to Grange advocacy include passage of the Granger Laws and the establishment of rural free mail delivery.

As of 2005, the Grange has a membership of 160,000, with organizations in 2,100 communities in 36 states.

The Broomfield Crescent Grange, #136

The Broomfield chapter of the Grange, the Broomfield Crescent Grange #136, was built in 1916. Many of Broomfield’s original founders were once members of the Crescent Grange and were actively involved in Grange activities, including Sarah H. Church (applied in 1905); second-generation pioneers Ralph Colman (1917), W.H. Nissen (1915) and Mrs. and Mrs. L.C. Brunner (1930); Harry Shaw, who ran the Broomfield Garage in the 1920s; Mr. and Mrs. Roy Rees (or Reese), and 14-year-old Dukie Mulholm, who would later become the area’s rural postal carrier. Those who are familiar with Broomfield history or have lived in the area for some time would probably recognize some of these names (Church Ranch Blvd., the Brunner House are two examples).

To become a member, please leave a voicemail at 916-800-2099 and request a tour and ask to attend our monthly meeting. As all of the members are volunteer, please allow 24 hours for someone to return your call.

Our focus at the Crescent Grange is to provide the community of Broomfield with educational programs in sustainability and permaculture principles, community service, organic food production, social interaction and more. The building is rented to interested parties for a variety of community and non-profit as well as for-profit events. Proceeds go toward improving and maintaining the property and promoting the Grange as a positive, inclusive community organization.

Broomfield Crescent Grange Staff, as of March 2024

President: Barbara Gehring

Co-President: Paul Gehring

Property Manager: Wayne Madsen

Secretary: Anne Hudson

Treasurer: Cheryl Dial

Board Member & Event Committee: Gerry Hudson

Member-at-Large:  Lavi Payne-Grauch

Youth Coordinator: Isabella Gehring

Crescent Grange By-Laws can be downloaded as a PDF here: Crescent Grange By Laws

Crescent Grange Policies and Procedures can be downloaded as a PDF here: Crescent Grange Policies and Procedures