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Crescent Grange Committees

Garden, Building and Maintenance, Historical, Events, Membership, Fundraising, and Media.

In an effort to focus our volunteers and create projects that volunteers can more easily participate, we have created a series of committees. These committees are a chance for volunteers to actively participate in the Grange in a way that is in alignment with their passions, interests, and talents.

Garden Committee
Plan out and map the yearly gardens. To create a schedule for watering, maintenance, planting, and harvest of the gardens and fruit trees.

Building and Maintenance Committee
To continuously assess the condition of the property, land, and building of the Crescent Grange. To plan for repairs and renovations.

Historical Committee
To oversee the safety, digital archiving, and preservation of the existing documents, pictures, and historical artifacts of the Crescent Grange.

Events Committee
To create public events that promote the Grange.

Membership Committee 
To greet new members, educate members of their benefits, inform membership of events, and have an annual membership drive every January through March.

Fundraising Committee 
Create events, activities, seek grants, and partnerships with the specific intention of raising funds to sustain and fund improvements to the Crescent Grange.

Media Committee
Create original content to promote the Crescent Grange and coordinate social media and website content.