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Yoga in the Garden

If you ask any of our community garden volunteers, they’ll tell you that there are few places in Broomfield as capable of bringing serenity as the Grange. To trench your hands deep within the cool chocolate soil, to take in verdant scents upon the breeze, to sit beneath the benevolent eye of a nodding sunflower is to be reminded that touching Nature can bring tranquility, even in the heart of the city.

This is why garden member and instructor Mia Pierce wanted to host yoga classes in the garden itself, combining breath and movement practice within the joyful embrace of our community garden.

Ready to meet the challenge of practicing yoga with mats upon uneven soil, participants joined Mia around the perimeter of the garden before the heat of the day grew intense. Attendees followed a gentle and family-friendly practice while taking in the sights and sounds of the garden in full splendor. Afterward, they toured garden beds, each of which contained instructions for a walking meditation. Take, for example, the guided meditation at our composting area:

“Compost is created from decaying organic material that is in the process of becoming rich fertilizer. In this compost station, transformation occurs. Organic material, food, dried leaves, coffee grounds, and more mix together and gently build heat energy as they circulate with air and water. Given enough time and the proper conditions, fertile new elements for growth appear.

How in your life, and in the world, have you seen this process occur? Pause a moment Feel your feet press firmly into the ground. Feel your breath circling in your body. Feel gratitude for change and growth.”                                                                                                                                

As always, Mia’s garden yoga classes are free to the public, though students are asked to make a donation to help support the garden and historic Grange building if they are capable. Following class, everyone is encouraged to stay to help weed the garden and socialize. After turning inward while practicing yoga, folks feel the natural balance of turning outward again to return that renewed spirit to their community.

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