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Universal Waste Collection in Broomfield

During February, the City of Broomfield is exploring the possibility of switching to a Universal Waste Collection program and they would like your feedback! A Universal Collection program would change the current residential waste collection system from many licensed haulers to a City and County of Broomfield managed contract consisting of a single hauler or a few haulers assigned to different parts of Broomfield.

This change could have many positive benefits for residents of Broomfield:

  • Giving more residents the opportunity to recycle and possibly compost their waste
  • Decreasing air and noise pollution as well as reducing road impacts and traffic
  • Lowering costs for residents who produce less waste
  • Holding the preferred hauler(s) accountable for customer service levels
  • Allowing the city to obtain waste collection services at “bulk rate” prices for residents and guarantee transparent and standard pricing

Feedback is needed from everyone who lives in Broomfield and has trash! Please visit the Broomfield Voice page to learn all of the details (provided in 4 languages) and then take the 3 minute feedback survey at the bottom of the page. (https://www.broomfieldvoice.com/hub-page/universalwastecollection). In your survey response, please comment about items that are important to you like curbside composting, fewer trash haulers on our streets, increased access to recycling, etc.

If you have more questions or comments, you can submit them at the bottom of the Broomfield Voice page, in the survey, or you can attend the informational 

The Community Forum – will be held on Thursday, February 16th, 5:30 – 7:00pm, in the City Council Chambers, at George Di Ciero City & County Building, 1 Des Combes Drive, Broomfield.  

Thank you so much for learning more about this issue, submitting your feedback, and sharing this page with all of your friends and neighbors in Broomfield!

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