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Small Action Saturday

Date: Saturday September 26, 2020
Time: 10am – 12pm Mountain Time
Location: 7901 W. 120th Ave, Broomfield

Join Sustainable Broomfield at the Crescent Grange from 10-12pm on Saturday, September 26 to help clean up the litter in this area and the surrounding neighborhood. Please arrive by 10am to 7901 W. 120th Ave, in Broomfield and bring your mask and reusable gloves (we will have disposable gloves, but prefer to not create waste).

As part of our cleanup, we will be doing a brand audit, where we classify the types of plastic we find and determine which companies are responsible for the plastic pollution in our area. More info about the brand audit can be found at this link Brand Audit InfoHow to video.

Free Backyard Composting Class

After the cleanup we will also have a free backyard composting class outside at the Grange. Learn all about how to start composting in your own backyard! Dry leaves are essential for composting, so fall is actually the best time to get your system set up!

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