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2018 Garlic Harvest Day


On July 15, our garden volunteers took advantage of a rare cool summer morning to harvest the community garden’s garlic crop. The garlic, obtained from premiere organic garlic producer Boxcar Farm outside of Taos, NM, had been planted by the group on a chilly day the preceding November. Several cultivars had been planted, from Chamisal Wild, to Baviarian, to Ayacucho, a cultivar that originated in Peru.



The group was all smiles as adults and children alike carefully pushed shovels under the tall green leaves and revealed sizeable heads of garlic. After waiting eight months, it was like opening presents on a birthday. Thanks the the garden’s rich soil, so unlike the usual Colorado clay thanks to permaculture sheet mulching techniques, our garlic heads were full and enormous.


We were lucky enough to be joined in the garden on the morning of the garlic harvest by videographer Jesse Johnson, who later put together a short informational piece about the unique nature of our shared garden space. Garden volunteers were both interviewed and showed harvesting the 2018 garlic crop. We all felt very fortunate for the chance to show the wider Broomfield community and beyond our splendid garden.



Each cultivar of garlic went home with a different family to cure at their place for a few weeks. In the process of curing garlic, the outer layers of paper dry snugly onto the heads, allowing them to store well without spoiling. Soon, our volunteers will reassemble with the garlic to learn to fashion the dried plants into handsome braids. At that time, seed garlic for the 2019 crop will be stored, and the volunteers will divide what remains to take home and enjoy.





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